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How I First Watched Star Wars Episode 1 [ feat. ItsAlexClark ]


This is the story of how I thought I was going to see a new Star Wars movie, and how I eventually ended up seeing a new Star Wars movie during the 1990’s. A big big thankyou to ItsAlexClark for volunteering his voice for this cartoon. Alex Clark’s cartoon on Star Wars was what got me to start following him so when he volunteered his voice I thought it’d be great to cross over with that video (the one called “Star Wars Fanboy Awakens”).

Star Wars The Force Awakens ShockMouths Cartoon


Finn and Poe escape from The First Order! They’re the best of friends from first sight!

Also – What if BB8 could do more than make bleep bloop sounds and communicate in English? It might have been a very different movie. Max Landis (@UpToMyKnees), if you some how see this, please know that this is out of love, admiration and with good intent. I love your WWE short film and watched in full no less than four times.

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