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Welcome to

Welcome to

I don’t know why I’m trying a website again for the (possibly) 50th time, but 50th time is a charm.


Why do you need a website?
I don’t. But sometimes it’d be nice to post things in writing that are longer than 280 characters and be able to keep it all in one place.


Why isn’t it shockmouths.COM
I used to own this domain but didn’t renew it when I wasn’t using it and I was short on cash – I didn’t think anyone would take it. Somebody has (possibly an automated bot that takes up domains that are recently freed up) and I can’t get it back unless I pay thousands of dollars (that’s the actual asking price). I’ve got it on backorder so that when it becomes available I can get it cheaper.

When I first started using the name “ShockMouths” I just used “ShockMouth” – but I booked the name “” and similar story – I allowed the domain to lapse and now it too will cost thousands to get back – so I just added “s” on the end and that’s how it went from “ShockMouth” to “ShockMouths”.

If it’s any consolation I managed to also get


You’re an idiot
I know


Wait, how much did this cost? This is your wife speaking and I just found out about this site because I saw the automated post to Facebook which I ‘like’ and why didn’t you tell me?
I booked this a while ago and it’s cheap – that’s why it’s WORDPRESS


Why in the fuck did you choose WordPress?
I believe in ‘KISS’ – Keep It Simple, Stupid
I’ve used SquareSpace in the past but WordPress looks easier – and SquareSpace had limitations.


What will you even put on here?
I’ve setup all YouTube videos and audio podcasts (those things that go on iTunes, Google, Spotify etc) will automatically post here. In turn, all WordPress posts will auto post to Facebook. Go like that. Please for the love of god.

Hopefully this’ll be the last time I do this. Here’s me in a shirt I’m wearing this Christmas.


Okay but I still don’t get it.
YouTube rewards people for sending traffic to YouTube. If people get into the habit of watching videos through this site (please) then will send the algorithm good happy signals and possibly start suggesting videos in their “Suggested” feeds. Also – if YouTube goes belly up or bans me etc – we will still have this place.

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